Doha Agreement Wto

[18] The Products Council is favourably considering requests from least developed countries to extend the seven-year transitional period for the elimination of measures inconsistent with the Agreement. In April 2011, then-Director General Pascal Lamy asked "members to reflect in depth on the consequences of ten years of solid multilateral work." [4] A report by Mr. Lamy to the WTO General Council in May 2012 called for "small steps to gradually advance those parts of the Doha Round that were ripe and rethink those for which greater differences remain." [5] With the adoption of the Bali Ministerial Declaration on 7 December 2013[6], bureaucratic barriers to trade were successfully removed for the first time, a small part of the Doha Round agenda. [7] However, from January 2014 [update], the future of the Doha Round remains uncertain. .

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