Hire Purchase Agreement Act

(5) In this part of this Act, any reference to the title of the creditor of a motor vehicle leased by way of a surety lease or (in Scotland) or sold under a conditional sales contract and sold by the debtor is a reference to that title (if any) of the vehicle that was immediately before that decision , which was transferred to the person who was then the creditor in connection with the agreement.] (4) In this part of this Act, the "debtor" refers to the person who, on the relevant date (whether the contract has been terminated or not) means either "disposition" - "provision" refers to any contract of sale or sale (including a conditional sales contract), any derailment or (in Scotland) of lease under a lease-sale agreement and any transfer of the goods under a provision in that name contained in a lease and lease agreement and any transaction that purports to be an injunction (as defined) and "ceding" must be interpreted accordingly; (2) In this part of this Act, "commercial or financial purchaser" is defined as an acquirer who, as of the date of its disposition, carries out a transaction that exists in whole or in part - a law amending the law on the sale and sale of credit and, in this context, modifying transfers from the sale of goods; provisions for the removal of motor vehicles that have been leased or agreed upon through the rental or conditional sale; On the amendment of the Advertisements (Hire-Purchase) Act 1957; and for purposes related to the above issues. (6) Nothing in this section relieves the debtor of liability (penal or civil) to which he would be subjected outside of this section; and in a case where the debtor sells the vehicle to a commercial or financial buyer, there is nothing to prevent it in this section - "rental agreement" refers to a conditional sales contract under which , b) a person (part of the proceedings or not) has become, in good faith, a private buyer of the vehicle without the conditional lease or sale being known (the "Raise" contract); (a) that the debtor became a private buyer who purchases in good faith without notice of the agreement in question, and b) has transferred financial resources through the purchase of motor vehicles for rescue or lease (in Scotland) in connection with lease-sale contracts or the scratching of the sale under conditional sales contracts (2) To that effect , it is considered that , unless the opposite has been shown that the transfer of the vehicle to the person referred to in point 1 (b) ("the relevant purchaser") was made by the debtor.

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