Lead Generation Agreement

The Service Provider has no recourse and Incisive assumes no responsibility for any statements (including false statements), written or oral, on which it relied when entering into this agreement, unless such statement is a false statement by Incisive: then, ask the Seller to explain how it intends to terminate the Program. Avoid assumptions. Ask the supplier for clarification all the time. Ask the provider to determine if they are able to promote multiple assets. Let the provider explain if it allows you to modify assets in the middle of a lead generation campaign. Ask questions and receive answers. According to an article published in Jstor.org, misunderstandings can destroy the power and responsibility that gives the parties involved a draft lead generation agreement. The circumstances that allow the transfer or assignment of leads should be clear and limited to those to which consumers have given their consent. While disclosure to third parties is appropriate and legitimate, marketing agreements for lead generation should also take into account how consumer information can and cannot be used by third parties and responsibility should be appropriately allocated. Insurance, guarantees and insurance vary according to the situation, including the question of the participation of an intermediary.

Turn to experienced legal counsel for assistance in preparing responsible and reasonable lead generation marketing agreements that contain terms that reach both the buyer and authorized third parties.

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