Master Iata Agreement

18 17.7 Applicable law This agreement is subject to the laws of England or new York State, pursuant to Part I, item 29, of the lease agreement, without the application of conflict rules of laws relating to other jurisdictions relating to actions, actions or proceedings in connection with this agreement ("procedure"), each contracting party is irrevocable: submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts and/or the courts of the State of New York and the United States District Court in the Borough of Manhattan in New York, as in Part I, point 30 of the lease; and renounces any objection it may have at any time to the dismissal of judicial proceedings and renounces any allegation that such proceedings have been initiated in an uncomfortable forum; renounces the right to oppose such proceedings, that such a court has no jurisdiction for that party, and waives any right to assert sovereign immunity with respect to jurisdiction or enforcement Nothing in this master contract or lease does prevent one of the parties from bringing proceedings in another jurisdiction, and the application of proceedings in one or more legal systems does not precludes the application of proceedings in another jurisdiction. , a letter certifying that the designation is served on the lessor before the severability comes into force when a provision of this agreement is or becomes illegal, invalid or unenforceable in a jurisdiction, which does not affect legality, validity or opposability: in that jurisdiction, another provision of this agreement or another provision of this agreement or any other provision of this agreement may be enforced and granted in return, each of which is considered original and, when taken together, constitutes a single legal opinion instrument before the rental of the first engine that uses the master contract, for the satisfactory lessor Instead of representation in point 15.2 (iii), the tenant may provide the lessor with legal advice for transactions in a form that is provided by a local lawyer that is reasonably satisfactory to the lessor under this agreement. This notice is necessary if, in reference to the date of the first lease that uses the captain`s contract, the law represented under the act represented has changed in a way: which seriously impairs the applicability of this agreement or the obligations of the tenant or the rights or interests of the lessor below other Insurance The parties agree to take all measures reasonably requested by the other party to carry out the intent of this agreement, including declarations to the International Register made as part of the signatories of the Cape Town Persons Taxation Convention to make it a genuine lease for tax purposes. Without limitation of the above, if the tenant is a unit of the United States, this agreement is treated as a lease for federal tax purposes. 15 The main legal issues raised by the operation of leases and current lease practices, including the use of Section 83 bis agreements under the Chicago Convention. THE AVCARD CHARGE CARD TERMS AND CONDITIONS ARTICLE 1 COVERAGE Unless otherwise agreed, these Terms and Conditions apply to all transactions between the Entity or Entity If the sender signs the AWB or issues the letter of instruction, it confirms at the same time its agreement on the contractual terms.

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