Peace Agreement Coin

At the top of the blade, there is a peace pigeon with an olive branch. It reminds me of Noah when he threw the dove and finally brought it back to the Ark with an olive branch. Apparently prophetic, they would use a reference to Noah, since Jesus said, "As in Noah`s time," when he was talking about execution. (Matt 24:37) That could be helpful. The sword and more on the coin are mentioned. Send a great virtual embrace of Quebec to all. We agree Addition to peace between the former enemies, the region and the world will benefit from economic prosperity. There is a younger generation in the region who deserves a better, safer and more prosperous life. Immediately after the standardization, Israeli companies and Emerati companies signed cooperation agreements for the healing of Covid 19, as well as for cooperation in the fields of health, infrastructure, science, agriculture and energy.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: "Peace is a good thing, and peace unites the moderates, two of the most advanced economies in the world - Israel and the United Arab Emirates... We are fighting Iran and the radicals who are trying to overthrow our order in the Middle East, subjugate people and spread terrorism. So it`s good for peace, it`s good for security and it`s good for prosperity. I think it is good for the United States and good for Israel. King David, who has written prophetically in so many of his psalms, exhorts us thus: "Seek peace and persecute it" (Psalm 34:15). Indeed, the Hebrew expression in Psalm 34 implies running for peace and driving it out, almost driving it away. Indeed, the Bible never ceases to convey God`s desire that we be peacemakers and that we do our best to live in peace with everyone. Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God. (Matthew 5:9) There are also biblical reasons that are encouraged by the new bonds of peace that are forming in the South, with several positive references to Sheba and Dedan (the territory of the Persian Gulf) with regard to Israel in biblical prophecy. An example comes from Isaiah 60:6, with similar indications in Psalm 72:10 and Echiel 27.

The Foreign Minister of the Kingdom of Bahrain, Khalid Al Khalifa, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United Arab Emirates, Abdullah bin Zayed al-Nahyan, joined US President Donald Trump on the eastern lawn of the White House to sign the agreement. In their joint comments, the three representatives personally thanked the initiatives of the Trump administration and the president for their considerable efforts that led to a peace agreement for the three countries - the first such agreement concluded by Israel in 27 years. The three representatives promised to strengthen the peace and security of their peoples and seize the opportunity for the region to benefit from the "peace dividend" for future generations.

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