Redcap Agreement

Your organization may request confirmation, consent, direct agreement or direct participation from your Technology Transfer Director, General Counsel, IT department or other executives before submitting the license. Please consult with these stakeholders to determine the appropriate signature required to execute the REDCap end-user agreement on behalf of your organization. 1.1 "consortium", the group of institutional partners of CTSA, GCRC, RCMI and other institutions in several countries, as defined and described in more detail on the redcap website ( Please ask all questions of the Vanderbilt REDCap team under Although REDCap is available free of charge to institutional partners - paying the costs of internal IT support staff - REDCap is not open-source software. Some end-user licensing agreements distinguish them from a typical open source license. That is, the software is limited in use, only allowed for non-commercial research purposes. REDCap is also limited in redistribution because Vanderbilt is the only entity it can distribute. In addition, all derivative works - such as innovation or user-added programming features - are essentially owned by Vanderbilt. Vanderbilt lists these derivative works in its library of the REDCap Consortium, which is available to all members of the consortium. [7] REDCap`s end-user license agreement[8] also includes control of its licensees` publications on or via REDCap by Vanderbilt, which states that Vanderbilt must coordinate and have editorial control of all "publications created by CONSORTIUM GROUPs that discuss SOFTWARE and its methods, features and/or competencies." Publications that describe the scientific studies used by REDCap are excluded from these editorial restrictions. [9] To access REDCap, institutions must have an institutional agreement with Vanderbilt University. REDCap is a flexible tool that can be run on multiple operating systems such as Linux, UNIX, Windows and Mac.

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