Texas Secretary Of State Operating Agreement

Out-of-State: Senate Bill 859 made no changes to Section 152.901 of the BOC, which provides for the registration of non-governmental LLPs. Registration of an extra-government LLP for transactions in Texas takes one year, but can be extended before expiring for an additional one year. See Form 308 (Word, PDF). Traditionally, businesses are either called for-profit or not-for-profit businesses. Generally speaking, a society organized for charitable, benevolent, religious, cultural or similar purposes must be created as a not-for-profit corporation. [See number 2.008 of the Texas Business Organization Code.] However, point 3.007 of the code was amended by SB 849 effective September 1, 2013 to allow a for-profit capital company to include one or more social purposes in its incorporation. The specific or useful social objective would be in addition to the purpose or purpose that must be specified in the constitution of the for-profit society. The form must contain the name of the LLC, a statement of the person designated as a consenting registered agent, the name and signature of the registered agent, and the date of execution of the agreement. You can submit Form 403 (Word 131kb, PDF 74kb) to correct (1) inaccurate recordings of an act mentioned in the instrument, (2) inaccurate or inaccurate factual information, and/or (3) errors in execution, confirmation or verification. The Secretary of State is not in a position to determine which unit would be best for an individual situation. A private lawyer can help.

In Texas, there are usual LLC name requirements, such as. B to ensure that the name of the LLC is different from other LLC in the state. The Secretary of State recommends consulting with a private lawyer on trademarks, service marks and other intellectual property issues. Business applicants in the State of Texas must confirm the availability of their username before submitting their application to the Secretary of State. A preliminary search of the name in the state records will verify its availability and clarity (an online account must be created to access the state search function). The LLC name must be approved by public authorities and must contain certain words to qualify and be approved by the Texas Minister of Foreign Affairs. Businesses, LCs and LPs are trained by submitting a certificate of education to the Secretary of State. The companies are owned by shareholders managed by a board of directors and managed by senior executives. LCs are owned by members and are managed by members, managers or both. An LP is a partnership between one or more sponsorships and one or more general partners. For more information, please see a selection of a corporate structure.

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