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A service contract applies from the date on which Svenska Domäner accepted the user`s order and began to process it, then expires with a contract term paid per service and described separately under each service. If the service is not terminated no later than thirty (30) days before the expiration of the initial term of the contract, the contract is renewed with an additional retention period with additional notice. The extension is carried out in accordance with the standard retention period. In case of non-termination of the contract as described above, the applicable fees for the current renewal period are calculated. To cancel a subscription, this can be done in writing via the Svenska Domäner cancellation form (registered), by e-mail from the registered contact address or by an open support case in the customer center. The withdrawal form is available on You can also download the cancellation form directly here. The termination is only deemed valid if Svenska Domäner has confirmed the termination by e-mail to the contact address registered on the customer account (e-mail). The user may modify or terminate our processing and storage of such personal data at any time by revoking his or her consent in accordance with our privacy policy. This is easiest to do through the user`s customer center or by contacting

In case of revocation of consent, Svenska Domains does not guarantee that you can provide the company`s services, as certain information is necessary for this purpose. Svenska Domains ("Swedish Domains") owns and operates the domain search service For (the "Website"), Svenska Domainr receives from customers ("Users") the request ("Order") regarding the registration of domain names (the "Domain Name Service"). Svenska Domains also offers additional services such as email, web hosting, etc.m. ("Additional Services"), as set forth in the heading "Use of Additional Services" and the prices and other terms set from time to time on the Site. The Domain Name Service and the Additional Services are provided under the conditions indicated below and accepted by the user as part of the filing of the application for registration of domain names and/or order of the additional service. After converting a domain to "Cheap Domain", the change cannot be undone. The registration fee for "Cheap Domains" includes basic DNS management (name server change). Administrative services, such as updating contact details (Whois) and transferring to another holder, are not included in the registration fee for "cheap domains" and are calculated in accordance with the current price list on the website To cancel a subscription, this can be done in writing via the withdrawal form of Svenska Domäner (recommended), by e-mail from the registered contact address or from an open support case in Customer centers are carried out.

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